Caroline Hatcher, M.A.

WCSD Field-Based Instructor
Photo of Caroline


Caroline Hatcher has over 20 years of combined teaching in a variety of middle schools and high schools in two different school districts. Over the years, she has been fortunate enough to teach hundreds of students from a wide variety of ages and demographics in the areas of English, ELL, Family Literacy and AVID. She was one of the first district Implementation Specialists during the transition into Common Core.

She is a world traveler, born in South Africa, having lived most recently in Zurich and Luzern, Switzerland; She boasts a Swiss passport, and is thankful to have been raised speaking the Swiss-German dialect.

Traveling is her passion, as she looks forward to preparing her son for his first camp in the Swiss Alps and helping her daughter get ready for her UNR Cheerleading Camp endeavors.


  • M.A Education, San Diego State University
  • B.A. English, German Literature Minor University of Nevada, Reno