The "Research in Romania" program would not be possible without the generous cooperation and participation of colleagues and friends in Romania and the United States, specifically those at UBB and UNR. The financial, product, and moral support (never underestimate the value of a "way to go" moment) received by those involved with the "Research in Romania" program is a critical component of success. We would like to thank the following for their generous support.

  • Dean's Office of the College of Education at UNR for research support through the Scholarly Activities Pool;
  • Faculty at UNR for their generous donations of books and journals to the faculty and students in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at UBB;
  • Dr. Steve Rock and Dr. Christine Cheney for covering the postage cost of sending some of those books and journals to Romania;
  • Faculty and administration in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at UBB for providing classroom space for the 2006 program;
  • Faculty and students in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at UBB for helping connect us with schools and teachers, assisting with translation, and participating in data collection;
  • Simona and Laura at UBB for all of their introductions, helping us arrange housing, navigate transportation and tours, and for opening their lives to us.

In consideration of all of the support received, an essential part of the program involves opportunities to give back to those who support us in whatever ways possible. University of Nevada faculty and students participating in "Research in Romania" have:

  • Donated hundreds of pounds of educational materials (e.g., journal editions, teacher education textbooks, books on educational research methodology);
  • Conducted trainings in human research protection at UBB, which has no institutional review board;
  • Participated in teacher professional development workshops in a number of Romanian cities;
  • Facilitated a meeting of parents of children with autism and provided autism-related resources for those parents and teachers;
  • Taught demonstration lessons at a number of primary and secondary schools;
  • Consulted with teacher education faculty, as well as in-service and pre-service teachers on a variety of issues, including, inclusion practices in special education, civic education, research methodology, and ESL instructional practices.