Exploring Romania


Dracula's Castle, a dynasty of Olympic gymnasts, medieval monasteries, Roman ruins, and the remnants of the Cold War can all be found in the country of Romania in southeastern Europe. Hundreds of years of political, social and cultural, and economic history converge in a nation of approximately 22,000,000 people in a geographic region that is slightly smaller than the US state of Oregon. While the "Research in Romania" program is based in Cluj-Napoca, participants have the opportunity to explore the country during weekend trips. Each year we develop an itinerary of weekend trips to different parts of the country. Perhaps you would be interested in the Museum of Arrested Thought in Maramures, or the Peoples' Palace in Bucharest, or the salt mines in Turda, or the Black Church in Brasov, or the Spoon Museum in Moldavia. Some students also choose to extend their stay in Romania or the region to continue their exploration.

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Photos from 2011