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You are a member of the University of Nevada, Reno College of Education faculty and are a liaison for the Director of Clinical Experiences in dealing with school personnel where the intern you are supervising is placed. Please introduce yourself to the school principal and other staff on your first visit. The supervisor responsibilities listed below complement the Internship Manual and WebCanvas.

You are a guest in the school as is the intern, and your major task is to guide and support the intern, not to evaluate the lead teacher or the school. Please respect the lead teacher's space and ideas while advocating for the intern. Establish a good relationship with the lead teacher and intern so they feel they can come to you for assistance and answers.

As a university supervisor, you must embrace two views of supervision. The traditional view has supervisors watching over, directing and overseeing the intern. In other words, the focus is on the intern's compliance, performance, and checking that the intern is implementing suggestions. The new view of super-vision has supervisors focusing on the intern's growth, facilitating collaboration to improve instructional efforts, promoting collegial relationships, and helping the intern become a reflective practitioner. As a university supervisor you must wear both hats. Balancing these two roles will depend on variables such as the individual needs and the developmental level of the intern, the stage of the internship, and the relationships that are being developed during the internship. University supervisors will undoubtedly identify with one model of supervision over the other but it is essential for university supervisors to switch hats when necessary or as the circumstances dictate.

It is important to contact the intern prior to the beginning of internship. Interns are usually quite anxious at this time and answering their initial questions will help relieve some of their tension. If you are unsure of how to respond, just say you'll get back to them and contact us at for assistance.

Regular communication with the intern, lead teacher and the Director of Clinical Experiences is vital in facilitating a successful internship experience. Make yourself available to your intern for informal phone calls and emails. Encourage the lead teacher to contact you in between your visits or make a habit of emailing them in addition to seeing them each visit. Periodically email the Director with updates. Stay connected.

University supervisors are the eyes and ears of the Director of Clinical Experiences. You are the person the director counts on to submit the final grade recommendation for the internship so it falls on your shoulders to see that everything is done on time. Think of yourself as the pilot in a sense, of the internship experience. Keep it moving in a positive direction, look out for turbulence, and communicate with the tower when necessary.

The lead teacher and intern will look to you for answers so please review all materials found on this website, the Internship Manual and WebCanvas. The items below will complement your review.

The internship is a time when interns have the opportunity to work under the tutelage of an experienced teacher and YOU - an extremely experienced educator! Lead teachers will also benefit from your vast array of knowledge and experiences. We thank you for supporting our intern and representing the Director in the field.

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Best regards,

Joe Nannini, Director