Office and Staff

How to Reach Us

Director of Clinical Experiences: Joe Nannini

Office ManagerColleen Parkyn
Office Assistant: Jill Smith

If you need to mail something to your Supervisor, please contact them to get their mailing address. They do not work up on the campus.

Local Supervisors:
Name/EmailHomeCell (if available)
Christensen, Katy 702.755.2267
Cramer, Jeri 775.772.2538
Eubanks, Stephen 775.784.6525
Gower, Scoti 775.219.6607
Henjum, Kay 775.232.4152
Hoffman, Parnell 702.263.4724
Kerr, George 775.323.5900 775.772.9169
Motter, Elizabeth 775.741.2967
Owens, Angela 775.722.9921
Pollard, Catherine 775.682.9019 (office) 206.459.7444
Potter, Lorraine 775.324.7661 970.286.9415
Roberts, DeeAnn 775.233.5395
Schott, Judy 775.223.2828
Starr, Beverlee 775.787.5943 775.223.9577
Thacker, Gwen 775.340.0870