Reference Numbers

  1. Academic Intervention Services: (784-6326) Clark Administration Building, lake level. Coordinates withdrawals and the dropping of courses.
  2. Career Development: (784-4678) Thompson Building, Room 200. Primary career counseling service for UNR students. Assists students in determining academic and career interests, work values, career aspirations, change in major/career, and offers graduate and professional school planning. Also provides internship, service-learning and volunteerism information. Sponsors job fairs, job preparation workshops and brings employers to campus. Electronic job board:
  3. Center for Student Cultural Diversity: (784-4937) Juniper Hall, Room 115. Resource and referral center for multicultural affairs and community resources. The center develops and promotes retention programs for African American, Asian American, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and multiracial students on campus.
  4. Counseling Services: (784-4648) Thompson Building, Room 202. Primary mental health counseling center for UNR students that provides individual, couples, and group counseling free to students who have paid the $20/semester fee. Students may discuss personal problems, as well as career and educational objectives.
  5. Disability Resource Center: (784-6000) Thompson Building, Room 101. Ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from all university programs. Appropriate accommodations for each student are determined through proper documentation and related course requirements.
  6. Downing Clinic: (784-1596) College of Education Building, Room 3044. Training center that offers counseling services to individuals, groups, couples, and families from the university and community. Students from UNR and TMCC are seen on a fee-waived basis.
  7. Police Services: (784-4013) New Student Services Building. Enforce all federal, state and local laws and ordinances on university property and a portion of adjacent streets. The university police may be called upon for non-criminal public service as well as more traditional kinds of law enforcement functions, including public safety, crime prevention and other presentations.
  8. Psychological Service Center (PSC): (784-6668) Mack Social Science Building, Room 328. Training center that provides individual, group, couple and family psychotherapy and assessment. Community clients are primarily seen, however, upon referral from Counseling Services, UNR students can be seen.
  9. Residential Life, Housing and Food Service: (784-1113) provides services for our residents beyond room and board to make each resident's on-campus experience as positive as possible. Trained staff are available to assist residence hall students 24hrs 7days a week.
  10. Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Program (SAPAC): (327-5018/771-8007) Mack Social Science Building, Room 314. This program educates university students and staff how to prevent sexual assault and other forms of sexual exploitation. Sexual assault counseling is provided free.
  11. Student Health Center: (784-6598) Redfield Building (north campus). Addresses physical health and medication issues. Services are free to students who have paid the $70/semester health fee.
  12. Student Judicial, Mediation and Advocacy Services: (784-4388) Clark Administration Building, lake level. Administrates student discipline process, including academic dishonesty and classroom misconduct, and serves as student advocate and mediator for campus.
  13. Substance Abuse Treatment Program: (784-4648) Thompson Building, Room 202. Primary location on campus for alcohol and other drug counseling services. All services are confidential, and include individual and group sessions, safe-ride/safe party materials, education and prevention information.