How to Apply for Student Teaching

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your teacher education program. Let's take a look at your readiness to intern. Before you start internship, you need to submit an internship application, complete program and course requirements, obtain a substitute license, acquire professional liability coverage, satisfactorily complete Portfolio I, and meet school district requirements. The Director of Clinical Experiences will verify these requirements have been met and will also discuss your readiness to intern with faculty in your program and your academic advisor.

Before proceeding, please read the Questions and Answers.

  • You MUST have a Nevada Sub. license for internship and check below for the school district in which you want to intern to see if it is a requirement of that county. Interns with extensive substitute experience often seem more confident in their classroom management and delivery of instruction. Substitute licenses are issued by the state like your driver's license. You then apply for a substitute "job" with a school district.
  • REQUIREMENT OF YOUR PROGRAM BEFORE YOU CAN INTERN - Portfolio I must be submitted to your program that is located on the third floor: Integrated Elementary Teaching Program plus early childhood, esl, or special education; elementary (masters); secondary bachelors and masters (includes music) the semester prior to internship. (Contact your program (NOT CAC office) for information about Portfolio I and due dates)
  • Check your Sub license for any testing holds such as: PPST, Praxis 1 & 2, CBEST, or GRE. These holds must be taken off before internship. If not possible, please contact Joe Nannini at to discuss.


All International Placements must be arranged by COE's consortium contact Dr. Mahon at

Nevada School District Requirements

Important: Nevada School Districts do NOT want you to contact school personnel for a placement so simply write your placement request on the internship application and leave the signature lines blank.

The table below is subject to change and may not be inclusive. CAC will notify you personally if something else is required. You are responsible for any costs related to school district requirements. For those who want to intern, you need a sub-license.

Nevada School District Requirements by District
RequirementCarsonClark 11DouglasLyonWashoeChurchillStorey
NV Substitute License 3 X X X X X 3 X X
Student Teaching Permit 4
District Fingerprinting & Background Check 1 X 8 X Form 7 X X
Drug Testing 1 X Form
TB Testing 2
Hired as a Substitute with the District interning in - must contact that District X
Additional requirements X 6 8 Form 9 Form 12
Professional Liability
  • NEA- Student Program  ( guidelines)
  • CEC-for Special Ed. Students
  • Another professional organization that includes professional liability coverage in their membership.
  • Add it to your home owners or renters insurance policy. It needs to say " Business Pursuit" OR " Professional Liability"
  • Send copy of Liability insurance to our office.
  • For WCSD placements - Please send copy of Liability to our office & WCSD

Foot Notes for above table

  1. Contact school district human resources office & tell them you will be a student teacher next semester.
  2. TB testing may be done through UNR student health.
  3. NV Substitute is required. If hired, you may sub 7 days for pay during internship (duals 5 days per 10-weeks). Must ALSO be hired as a current substitute with the Washoe County School District.
  4. Review online and/or print link.
  5. Pick up additional application from our office.
  6. At the same time you apply to the CAC, email your cover letter and resume to Jose Delfin, HR Director: Jose will then contact you for an interview.
  7. Interns will need to complete a safety seminar given by WCSD Police before interning in WCSD.
  8. Each school may have different requirements. Please contact that school.
  9. Please scan and send copy to
  10. Send copy of liability insurance to our office.
  11. Charter Schools are the only availability for internship placement.
  12. Must attend BOTH the Washoe County School District Substitute Orientation AND the Student Intern Orientation in order to be allowed into any schools.

Additional Information

Due Dates

  • Fall Internship Applications: due the first day of March
  • Spring Internship Applications: due the first day of October


  • Register for internship soon as registration begins.

Placement Notification

  • You may receive phone calls or emails while we process your internship application. Please respond promptly.
  • The Director of Clinical Experiences will email you when your placement has been arranged. When you receive your placement notification email, go meet your lead teacher. Meeting your lead teacher in person is an expectation even if you two already know each other. Exchange contact information at this time and set the date and time you are to be at school the first day of internship. Failure to do this may result in the school declining your placement.
  • **IMPORTANT** - Remember, even if you have a placement, if you do not fulfill the requirements needed by UNR or WCSD, you will not be allowed into the schools to start your internship until you are cleared.

Start dates for your internship will vary according to the public school schedule.

  • Fall Interns, including those at year-round schools, will start 2 working days before students start.
  • Spring interns start Monday after New Years. Be aware that the school may request that you start a couple of weeks later due to their grading period.
  • Notify our office of any placement changes:


  •  The Director will email interns about webcanvas just before your internship starts.

Can't start on time?

  • If you have an emergency and cannot start internship on time or need to postpone your internship, contact our office immediately at
  • See Office Staff page for our contact information.
  • Notify the Office of Clinical Experiences of any changes in your name, email, address, and phone:

Application Approval

The Office of Clinical Experiences will notify you in the event your application is not complete or you have not met the requirements for internship.

Failure to meet all internship requirements may void your internship application or delay your internship. Internship requirements include: completion of program requirements and coursework, substitute licensure, professional liability coverage, portfolio I ( a requirement of your program ), school district approval, program faculty and advisor approvals and the approval of the Director of Clinical Experiences.

AGAIN, AS STATED ON TOP OF PAGE - Check your Sub license for any testing holds such as: PPST, Praxis 1 & 2, CBEST, or GRE. These holds must be taken off before internship. If not possible, please contact the Director Joe Nannini at to discuss.

Application for Student Teaching - once you finish the application and hit the "submit" button, you will see a screen that says "Thank You - your application has been submitted. This means it has been submitted. No need to call and check to see if the office has received it.