HDFS 401: Independent Study

Independent Study experiences are designed with the student in mind - the options are nearly limitless if a pedagogical connection to a student's learning and professional outcomes can be found. 

Enrolling in HDFS 401

Permission will be given for this course during advisement appointments only.  HDFS majors or minors will be allowed to enroll in this course - in the majority of situations, this course will count as a general elective (for some HDFS majors, a substitution for a Required Program Elective may be allowed). 

Independent Study Options

Students who complete an independent study most often are in one of the following three roles:

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (note - students interested in this option, should be able to show academic success indicated by high GPA, strong individual course grades, and an overall understanding of the content)
  • Community-Based Applied Experience (similar to an internship)*

* Sites to be used for the community-based option will be at the advisor's discretion though students are encouraged to explore sites of interest providing direction to the advisor when possible. Often, students utilize this option to explore career paths, potential internship sites, or to build sound experience for their resumes.

HDFS Internship Site List

Hours Requirement

In most experiences (flexibility exists in the research and teaching assistant roles), for each credit hour of HDFS 401 enrollment, 45 field hours are required. For example:

  • 3 credits of HDFS 401 = 135 total required field hours (averaging 9 hours per week)