Supporting Daughters in STEM

A Family's Guide: Fostering Your Child's Success in Mathematics by Amy Mirra
Free full-text booklet on what families can do to help children succeed and enjoy mathematics.

Encouraging Girls in Math and Science Video Clip
Tips to support daughters in STEM.

EduTopia Encouraging Girls in STEM
Five minute film festival on EduTopia to encourage girls' STEM pursuits.

How Dads Influence Their Daughters' Interest in Math
Science Daily's article on a University of Michigan research study's finding of fathers' impact on the degree of interest their daughters develop in math.

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics
Free full-text booklet includes fun activities for parent to help strengthen children's math skills. Available in English and Spanish.

Math Forum for Parents and Concerned Citizens
Questions and answers related to math education.

Parent Handbook for Mathematics
California Department of Education's resource on supporting young children in math.

SciMath Tools for Parents
Topics include: identifying a quality math or science classroom, what math coursework students should take, and enrichment activities.

Tips for Encouraging Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Ways to offer support to daughters to promote success in STEM fields.

Tips for Parents: Girls in Science and Math
Tips and additional resources in Spanish and English to encourage girls to pursue STEM.