Math & Technology Learning

Northern Nevada Girls Math & Technology Camp: Selected Online Math Activities
Categorized web activities selected by camp staff for exercising skills and knowledge in algebraic thinking, data analysis & probability, geometry & measurement, problem solving & reasoning, and spatial skills

The Adventures of Josie True
Over 11 cool science, math, and technology games in this Internet adventure for girls.
Math lessons, games, puzzles, activities, dictionary, free online calculators (including graphing), and links to math career sites.

Figure This!
Real-life math challenges for families.

Funbrain Kids' Center
25 math arcade games to practice basic facts and various concepts.

Math and technology lessons, science experiments and brain teasers.

Logo in Mathematics Education
Free online Logo program for investigation of geometry concepts using turtle graphics, includes section for teachers.

Made with Code
Projects and resources for coding.

Manipula Math with Java
Interactive programs to explore geometric concepts.

Math Playground
Word problems, math games, logic problems, videos and virtual math manipulatives.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Interactive Mathematics
Concept tutorials and interactive math learning tools to visualize relationships and applications.

Native American Geometry
Create kiva designs to explore proportional geometry.

NCES Kids Zone
Activities, games, quizzes, and information about mathematicians and K-12 schools and colleges.

Rich mathematical games, problems in meaningful contexts and articles.

Plus magazine
Free internet magazine that aims to introduce readers to the beauty and practical applications of mathematics.

A single-player dance game designed to teach computer programming.