Educators: Higher Education

Status of Females in STEM
Information about females' performance, attitudes, participation, etc. in STEM.

Instructional Support
Resources providing teaching ideas and tools (etc.) for working with females in STEM.

Careers/Career-Preparation Information for Students
Information on math/technology-related careers and how to prepare for those careers.

Opportunities for Students
Competitions, summer and weekend programs, and other such opportunities for students.

Single-Sex Education
Information on this increasingly popular form of schooling.

Out-of-School-Time Learning
Links to documents and websites regarding out-of-school-time (OST) learning (summer, weekend, and after-school programs), for example, research on its features, outcomes, barriers, and challenges.

Organizations: Gender Equity & Women in STEM
Links to the home sites of selected organizations that focus on gender equity or women in STEM.

Biographical Books & Websites about Women and Math
Reference information for books and links to websites about women and math (and sometimes science, technology, and engineering).