Educators: Grades 9-12

Status of Females in STEM
Information about females' performance, attitudes, participation, etc. in STEM.

Instructional Support
Resources providing teaching ideas and tools (etc.) for working with females in STEM.

Careers/Career-Preparation Information for Students
Information on math/technology-related careers and how to prepare for those careers.

Opportunities for Students
Competitions, summer and weekend programs, and other such opportunities for students.

Single-Sex Education
Information on this increasingly popular form of schooling.

Out-of-School-Time Learning
Links to documents and websites regarding out-of-school-time (OST) learning (summer, weekend, and after-school programs), for example, research on its features, outcomes, barriers, and challenges.

Organizations: Gender Equity & Women in STEM
Links to the home sites of selected organizations that focus on gender equity or women in STEM.

Biographical Books & Websites about Women and Math
Reference information for books and links to websites about women and math (and sometimes science, technology, and engineering).

Commercial Games, Puzzles, Books, & Software
Links to and/or listings of math-oriented products for sale.