Sample Camper-Parent Comments about the Program

The following comments are selected comments from the past few years in reference to the program's impact. Camper comments are drawn from written surveys completed on the last day of the summer camp or several months later in the fall. Parent comments were written in the fall, several months after the summer camp. The term "rising" indicates the grade summer campers will enter in the fall. Spelling errors were corrected in these comments to enhance readability. The only words added appear in brackets, for example, to replace a specific girl's name.

Girls: Rising 7th Graders / 7th Graders

[One of the most important things was] That we all came here to improve our math skills.

Connecting with girls makes you feel like you belong & you are all equal.

[One of the most important things was] Getting to meet girls that are from other areas and getting to meet cool role models.

It was important that we got to work in groups. I liked how we got different teachers for each thing (geometry, problem solving, spatial reasoning, etc.).

The most important things were doing problems with a group, getting to sort of be the teacher, and hands on activity.

That all girl concept was great because I never felt afraid to speak my mind.

It showed and introduced me into my love of computers.

Knowing and learning about other female mathematicians makes me want to pursue a career in math or technology.

Staying in dorms helps you get an idea of college and you'll want to go to college more.

It is sooooo cool and fun and you learn a heck of a lot and you meet new friends.

Keep this math camp going, forever. It will help a lot of girls in the future.

Girls: Rising 8th Graders / 8th Graders

This program made me realize that I am better at math than I thought.

There was a very broad range of skill and intellect in mathematics, but because of these differences, there was a giant opportunity to help one another out.

I feel like me and the other girls aren't different. Even if the girls are different than me I feel normal.

The math teachers instructed very well. You could hear them, understand them and know that they really care about what they are doing.

The computer stuff got me very interested. I've been spending a lot more time working with computers.

In my computer class at school we just learn how to do regular stuff like slide shows but here we learned more sophisticated things.

Last year in 7th grade, my teacher said some of the people in my class could go to Algebra I. I worked really hard to be one of those people. And I made it. All because I attended the Math Camp.

There is an honors algebra class [at school] and at first I didn't want to be in it but now I do.

I have an opportunity to be away from home and experience dorm life/college atmosphere.

It has influenced me to take part in tutoring other people in my class after school.

I would really like to come back because I made a lot of new friends and my grades in math are much higher.

I feel it has opened doors for my future.

It is the most greatest experience of my life.

Parents: 7th Graders

My daughter loves math and she excels at it. It is wonderful to have her challenged and to have her interact with other girls who are as passionate about math as she is.

I saw some great, positive changes in some of the girls' attitudes from the beginning of the program to the end. They all seemed excited about the program - wanted to share with their parents.

Thank you for turning her on to math.

Thank you for increasing [my daughter's] self confidence in learning, not just in mathematics, but in school (education) period.

It encouraged her to be confident that she should be placed in Pre-algebra. She is not afraid to tell others she likes math.

My daughter's self confidence with math and overall academics reflects in her grades this year. Her enthusiasm is wonderful. The math camp, I believe, contributed to her progress.

I saw an increased desire and continued effort in math this year. Confidence in this area is highly visible compared to prior years. As parents, we were extremely impressed with the overall curriculum of math camp. Organization and engagement of the girls also was handled extremely well.

She wasn't doing well in Pre-algebra and her teacher was going to pull her out and she went and talked to him and got help to stay in Pre-algebra.

[My daughter] feels she will be better prepared for advanced 8th grade math because of her experience at your camp.

[My daughter] now would like to join clubs and computer clubs if they are made available for her.

She has expressed a desire to study architecture or engineering as a career and now realizes how important higher math & computers are going to be to these careers.

What a wonderful opportunity for girls and for us that live in a small rural community.

I feel that the entire program was very balanced and handled in a superior manner. Great Job!

My daughter was very excited about attending the camp, and after the camp she expressed how much she learned and how much she enjoyed the entire program. She also said she definitely wants to return to the camp again. In looking back on the entire program, it has made a lasting impression on her. 

Parents: 8th Graders

Overall the math camp was a good confidence builder for her. From reinforcing math skills to just being independent for a week.

[Two of the most important things were] Giving young women the kind of encouragement to pursue math/science. Meeting/collaboration with other young women in math/science.

Your program increased her self-confidence in the mathematics sphere and that's priceless as she goes forward into high school.

It is a gained confidence level that we do not receive in our public school setting.

This program came at a critical time in [our daughter's] development. She has so much more confidence in herself, her math ability, her critical thinking ability and her level of social connectedness with other girls from different towns.

We felt it made a huge difference in regards to my child's attitude towards math & technology!

She has dramatically improved her GPA in math.

The single-sex setting helps keep the girls focused on the program and each other.

A single gender setting is very important for girls this age; allowing them to develop leadership skills, ask questions without interference of "aggressive behaviors" from boys, and develop a sense of confidence.

Great to see successful women [staff], happy with brain-based careers!

Good experience paired with academia. Good role models.