2017 Instructional Sessions

2017 Instructional Sessions (Photos)

Mathematics topics include problem solving, geometry, spatial skills, data analysis, and probability (younger group only), and algebra (older group only). Technology components include calculator and computer use. Program participants hear a guest speaker discuss use of mathematics and/or technology in her job and learn biographical information about contemporary or historical female mathematicians and/or computer scientists. The photos below show the girls engaged in some of these academic components of the program.

Year 1 minute to win it
Year 1 campers playing Minute to Win it Challenge

Year 2 Spatial task
Year 2 campers working on spatial tasks.

Year 1 campers work on a math activity using distance to figure out sun exposure and sunblock requirements.

Graphing calculator
Year 2 campers use graphing calculators during a lesson about finding and graphing slope. 

Year 2 spatial task
Year 2 campers work on a 3-d pentomino puzzle (spatial task).

Year 1 campers working with geometry with computer software programs.

Partners collaborate on a surface area task.
Partners collaborate on a surface area task.

Second-year campers work on a Geometer's Sketchpad task.

Year 1 campers discussing how they reasoned and worked through a word problem.

Guest speaker Pam Moyo a metallurgist provides an in-depth discussion about the process of mining in Nevada.