Overview and Conceptual Framework

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I.1 What are the institution's historical context and unique characteristics (e.g., HBCU or religious)?
I.2 What is the institution's mission?
I.3 What is the professional education unit at your institution, what is its relationship to other units at the institution that are involved in the preparation of professional educators, and what are the significant changes since the last NCATE review?
I.4 Summarize basic tenets of the conceptual framework, institutional standards and candidate proficiencies related to expected knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions as well as significant changes made to the conceptual framework since the last NCATE review?
I.5 Exhibits
I.5.a Links to unit catalogs and other printed documents describing general education, specialty/content studies, and professional studies
I.5.b Syllabi for professional education courses
I.5.c Conceptual framework(s)
I.5.d Findings of other national accreditation associations related to the preparation of education professionals (e.g., ASHA, NASM, APA, CACREP)
I.5.e Updated institutional, program, and faculty information under institutional work space in AIMS