Request assistive technology

This form is used by our assistive technology team, within the Disability Resource Center. We are always researching for new technology to accommodate student success with note-taking, lecture recording, and other learning accessibility features. We are open to new ideas, technology, methods, and learning accessibility features that students may have researched on their own, as well. Please fill out the form provided, and let us know what sort of computer hardware/software you are using. This way, we can identify the right fit for your process. We will contact you by your preferred method of communication to schedule an appointment with our Assistive Technology team.

*Please do not fill out this form prior to registering with the Disability Resource Center and completing an intake with one of our disability accommodation coordinators.

To schedule an intake, please call (775) 784-6000.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information regarding assistive technology, contact Shane Carter (