Auxiliary aid services

Auxiliary aid services provides eligible students who need alternative or additional support with "real-time" communication access and notes; including but not limited to assistive listening devices, interpreters, and audio recording devices. It is essential that students meet with a DRC counselor and complete the online auxiliary aid request form well in advance of the first day of classes to ensure timely and appropriate placement of services.

Requesting auxiliary aid services

Steps required for a new DRC student:

  • Meet with a DRC counselor to be approved for auxiliary aid services.
  • Please bring documentation of your disability to the intake appointment.

Steps required for new AND continuing DRC student:

  • Students are required to fill out their accommodation requests in the DRC Student Portal, located on the DRC's home page.
  • In order to ensure timely & appropriate placement of services, please submit requests at least 4-6 weeks prior to the start of semester classes.
  • Contact the DRC office with any updates or changes to class schedules IN ADVANCE to the start of semester classes.
  • During first two weeks of classes, provide the DRC with syllabi for all classes.
  • Throughout the semester notify the DRC (784-6000) in advance of any class cancellations, either by the student or the instructor.
  • Remember, 24-hour notice should be given for all class cancellations.

Please feel free to call or click here to contact the DRC with any questions or to request a demonstration of one of the auxiliary aid services.

Types of Auxiliary Aid Services