Student information

Accommodation eligibility

If you have recently been receiving services in the K-12 system; the information requested would most likely be contained in the Psycho-Educational Evaluation from your most recent Triennial Review. Some of the information may also be contained in an IEP, 504 Plan, or Transition Plan. You will need to request this information separately from your high school transcripts.

If you are or have been recently receiving services from a state rehabilitation agency; much of the requested information will be contained in your most current eligibility evaluation and/or your vocational plan.

For individuals transferring from another college; information related to your disability will not be sent with a transcript request. You will need to request that information separately. Additionally the information that the University of Nevada, Reno Disability Resource Center (DRC) is requesting may or may not have been a part of your previous college's evaluation process. You should check the information against the guidelines.

Documentation Guidelines


The Disability Resource Center (DRC) offers a wide range of support services and accommodations for all undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. Appropriate services are determined and provided based upon the impact of the student's disability and the academic requirements of the appropriate department, college, school or program.

The DRC provides accommodations and services tailored to the individual need(s) of each student. When appropriate, reasonable accommodations may include the following:

  • Accommodation Counseling
  • Alternative Testing Services
  • Alternative Media Service (textbooks and online/other material processing)
  • Assistive Technology & Computer Lab
  • Auxiliary Aides
  • Classroom Aides
  • Classroom & Building/access
  • Course Substitutions
  • Faculty Liaison
  • Math 019/119 (2 semester course equivalent to Math 120)
  • Peer Mentor Project
  • Reduced Course Load Policy

Housing services

The university provides accessible accommodations for students with disabilities. Housing assignments are made on a space-available basis, early application is essential. Please contact the Department of Residential Life, Housing and Food Services (775) 784-1113, for additional information.

Parking services

To obtain a university disabled parking permit, students must first get a disability placard through the Nevada State Department of Motor Vehicles. A copy of the placard may then be taken to the university Parking Services office. For more information, please call Parking Services: (775) 784-4654.