Note Taker Information

The Role Of The Note Take

Assistance with note taking is a very important and useful service for many of our students.  Your notes will be a valuable study aid for the students.  You may also find that by taking careful notes and using the following guidelines your notes will be better, clearer, and more useful to you personally!

With your cooperation in sharing your notes, the student has a chance to concentrate  on the content of the information presented in class instead of on the mechanics of getting everything down on paper.  This will ensure they have access to the same information as other students.  This shifts the emphasis back to what is being learned instead of how to learn it.   If you cannot attend class for whatever reason, you are still responsible for providing notes to the DRC student.  It is vitally important they receive notes every class period.   If the student does not show up for class for more than 3 consecutive class periods, it is your responsibility to contact the DRC.  Note taking does not take the place of the student attending class.


As a note taker we require you to adhere to all ethical standards which respect the confidentiality of the students served and comply with all policies and procedures of the Disability Resource Center.  A few of the basic rules are:  

  • Never disclose to anyone the name or confidential information which could lead to the identification of  any  student receiving services through the DRC.

  • Do not discuss students with anyone other than the appropriate DRC staff member.