Instructor Letters Request

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How to Request Instructor Letters Online

We want to provide you with the best possible accommodations with the least delay. The Instructor Letter request form is available online for you to request a variety of accommodations. You may only request previously approved accommodations.  To discuss the possibility of changing your accommodations, please contact your DRC Coordinator. We urge you to make your requests two to four weeks before you want the accommodations to begin. Remember that you must make your requests again each semester. 

If you request accommodations that require the cooperation of the course instructor, we will prepare a letter for you to give to each instructor explaining what accommodations you should receive.

Letters will be prepared for the accommodations you state on the form. The letters will be ready for pick-up at our front desk within 48 hours of your request submission. It is the students responsibility to pick-up the letters and deliver them to their instructors.

You are not required to list all of your accommodations for all courses. Please only list the accommodations that you will be using for each individual course. 

If you experience any problem receiving your accommodations, or if you feel the accommodations need to be adjusted, please contact your DRC Coordinator.