Alternative Testing Services

Please note that Alternative Testing Services are only available to students registered with the Disability Resource Center.  If you have not yet registered with our office, please complete the Student Application and someone will contact you to schedule an intake appointment.

Please note: all steps require logging into your AIM Student Portal using your NetID and Password.

1. Request Accommodations from your dashboard. Exam appointments cannot be scheduled until an accommodation request has been submitted and the Exam Proctoring Information Form has been completed by your instructor.

2. Select "Alternative Testing" beneath "My Accommodations" on the left side menu.

3. In the white box on the top, select the class you want to schedule for from the dropdown menu. If the class you want is not listed, your instructor for that class has not completed the Proctoring Information Form yet.

4. Click "Schedule an Exam"

5. If you are scheduling an exam for a non-lecture class (e.g. online only or a lab final), you will be asked to confirm that you are scheduling for the correct section. Click "Continue to Schedule an Exam" to proceed.

6. On the form that appears, select the Request Type (Quiz, Midterm or Final), then enter the date and time of your exam. Select any Alternative Testing Services you would like to utilize for the appointment, and provide any additional notes if necessary. When you're ready, click "Add Exam Request".

7. Your exam request will be sent to the DRC Alternative Testing team to be reviewed. You will be notified through email and your AIM Dashboard once your appointment has been confirmed, or if any changes are necessary.

Please note that required notice is 2 business days for midterms and 5 business days for finals.  If you request with less notice than required, you will see one additional step asking you to clarify why the request was late, and to indicate that you understand that your exam appointment request may be denied.