Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Task Force

Who are we?

The University of Nevada, Reno is designated by the Department of Education as an emerging Hispanic Serving Institute. As the number of Hispanic students at our University increases we are well on our way to seeking the designation of Hispanic Serving Institution. There is work to be done in preparing to become an HSI and this task force's goal is to organize the plan. Veronica Zepeda, Director of Graduate Student Services, chairs the  task force.

How to be designated

To be designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution, the University of Nevada, Reno needs to have enrollment of undergraduate full time equivalent (FTE) students that is at least 25 percent Hispanic students at the end of the award year for two consecutive academic years immediately preceding the date of application.

Institutional criteria needed for application

  1. Must be accredited or pre-accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency or association
  2. Must meet the enrollment of needy students and educational and general expenditures requirements
  3. Must be able to certify 25% FTE Hispanic student threshold at time of grant submission

Of the 25 percent, at least 50 percent of the degree seeking students enrolled must be receiving need-based assistance and meet the specified criteria.

Current FTE Hispanic enrollment

The University of Nevada, Reno's current FTE Hispanic student enrollment:

  • Fall 2007: 8%
  • Fall 2008: 8%
  • Fall 2009: 12%
  • Fall 2010: 12%
  • Fall 2011: 12%
  • Fall 2012: 14%
  • Fall 2013: 16%
  • Fall 2014: 18%
  • Fall 2015: 19%
  • Fall 2016: 20%
  • Fall 2017: 21%*
  • Fall 2018: 21%
  • Fall 2019: 22%

*as of 9/9/2017 all units

FTE and headcount numbers are based on end of term census. The term "full-time equivalent students" means the sum of the number of students enrolled full time at an institution (taking 12 credits or more), plus the full-time equivalent of the number of students enrolled part time (determined by the sum of the credit hours of all part-time students divided by 12) at such institution.

HSI Task Force members

  • Chair - Veronica Zepeda, Director of Graduate Student Services
  • Eloisa Gordon-Mora, University Diversity and Inclusion Officer