J. Diego Zarazua

J. Diego Zarazúa

Coordinator in Education, Research and Outreach, Latino Research Center He/Him/His


Languages: Spanish and English

I was born in Querétaro, México but raised in rural Nevada. I am the youngest of five (all boys) and come from a family of immigrant parents. Besides my immediate family, all other familia lives in México. I grew up seeing the sacrifices my parents had to make to travel back to Querétaro in efforts that we would never forget our roots. I had the expectation that I needed to master’s degree both the Spanish and English language. In doing so, I experience a Ni De Aquí, Ni De Allá narrative not knowing where I belonged of if I belonged at all. In early high school, I proclaimed my identity as Mexican-American and finally found a sense of belonging in both the cultures that I treasured and had helped shape me. Growing up in an agricultural rural small town, where summers where filled with migrant seasonal workers, I saw and experienced the greatness of work ethic and the hurting of racism and entitlement. There I began to display my passion for bilingual journalism and working with Latinx communities.

That same drive led me to attend a community college as a first-generation student while working full time and later transferred to the University of Nevada, Reno where I completed my B.A. in Journalism and minor in Spanish Language, Culture and Literature. I faced the difficulty of economically having to sustain my education and myself, as many first-generation students do. Prior to completing my undergrad, I became the Chair for the Northern Nevada Latino Team Member Network for Wells Fargo Bank. I worked heavily in career development of Latinx team members, community outreach and researching the Latinx marketplace growth. I serve as the Communications Chair for the LatinxPride board, a LGBTQ+ non-profit focused on empowering and embracing our Latinx queer youth. Currently, I am the Coordinator in Education, Research and Outreach for the Latino Research Center at the University of Nevada, Reno and Assistant Editor to the LRC’s Border-Lines interdisciplinary academic journal.