Guadalupe Escobar

Guadalupe Escobar

Assistant Professor, Department of English; Department of Gender, Race, and Identity She/Her/Ella


Languages: English and Spanish. Some proficiency in French.

I am a daughter of Salvadoran immigrants. Born in California, I grew up in Pico-Union, a predominantly Central American neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles. I studied English, Philosophy/Law and Society, and Spanish at U.C. Riverside, before obtaining a doctorate in English from UCLA. I then spent three years in the heart of Manhattan as a postdoctoral fellow in human rights at NYU.

In 2018, I arrived at the University of Nevada, Reno, where I currently hold a joint position in the English Department and the Gender, Race, and Identity Program. My research focuses on Latinx and Latin American narratives that shed an ethical light on human rights regimes and imagine otherwise in the new millennium. I decided to become an academic because I experienced firsthand how education can empower and emancipate. I want to play a part in enabling the dreams of my students.