Degree List

Biological and Environmental Sciences

Those who understand science live in a vibrant and rich world. They see the fine balance of an ecosystem and the potential of new technology. The world is waiting to be explored. Are you ready?


Think you have what it takes to power the economy of the future? Businesses need those with the discipline and vision to take the reins and lead the country. Nevada has the business expertise to equip you for even the bumpiest of economies.


Every day the nation experiences the need for teachers. Teachers shape worldviews, impart skills and leave a lasting imprint on generations to come. Nevada needs its next wave of vibrant, intelligent and people-oriented teachers. Are you one of them?

Health Sciences

Only a select few have the temperament for health sciences. The combination of scientific knowhow and confident decisiveness must be present for an individual to take on the everyday decisions of a health professional. If you are up to the challenge, Nevada can help you reach your goals.

Language and Communication

In every age and every country, communicators will always be needed. The ones who can translate goals and ideas into words, who can build bridges over cultural disconnects. From foreign language to emerging media, Nevada can prepare you for the future of communication.

Mathematics, Computing and Engineering

The world will never run out of use for the minds that build our world. Yours is the mind that sees the order and logic undergirding technology and the wonder and potential of nature. Nevada can give you the skills to succeed and thrive in the evolving techniques and technologies of today.

Physical and Earth Sciences

For those with the gift and drive, nature provides abundant opportunity to explore and untold potential to be tapped into. The world needs the mind and passion you bring. Nevada can show you the way.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Not everything is a matter of black and white. The world needs those who can think critically and independently—those who can sift through opinions and traditions and respond with well-reasoned thoughts of their own. Nevada can open the door for you, are you ready to see what's on the other side?

The Arts

For those with a passion for the arts, the University offers a diverse spectrum of artistic expression. From photography to jazz to theatre, Nevada will help you grow as the artist you aspire to be.