Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Packaging

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Nuclear and other radioactive materials are used for large-scale production of electricity without greenhouse gas generation, advanced medical treatments, food sterilization, and sophisticated measurement technologies. In order to benefit from these uses, packaging that protects the public and the environment during the storage, transfer, transport and disposal of these materials must be developed, inspected and maintained.

The purpose of the graduate certificate is to provide a curriculum in packaging for nuclear and other radioactive materials that complements graduate programs in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering and is more applied-knowledge-based than research-based. The certificate and curriculum were developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Packaging Certification Program (PCP). The three required courses, as well as three of the elective courses, are offered by the DOE PCP and taught by experienced technical staff at Argonne, Lawrence Livermore, and Savannah River National Laboratories. These classes have been attended by technical staff from commercial nuclear industry, national labs, and national and international government regulatory agencies.

Program Objectives/Student Learning Outcomes

Program Objectives

  1. Encourage students to complete a curriculum in packaging safety and security of nuclear and other radioactive materials that has both depth and breadth.
  2. Provide a graduate-level curriculum designed to give students an advantage when seeking employment or advancement in the area of packaging of nuclear and other radioactive materials, or related fields.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who earn a Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Packaging will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Be able to describe and understand methods for implementing and satisfying the U.S. safety regulations 10CFR71, Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material.
  2. Be able to develop and describe the ASME Code and quality assurance (QA) requirements for design, procurement, fabrication, examination, and testing of radioactive material packaging and storage casks to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  3. Be able to describe a depth and breadth of nuclear packaging safety and security practices.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the graduate certificate is an earned baccalaureate degree in mechanical, materials, nuclear or a closely-related engineering field, or a baccalaureate degree and background in project management related to packaging of nuclear and other radioactive materials.

To apply, please fill out the graduate special application and submit it by fax, mail or email to the address below. Please also include official transcripts from the institution at which you earned your bachelor's degree.

Please use the mail stop and fax number listed below rather than the information printed on the form. Immunizations are not required for courses not located on the University's campus.

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Program Curriculum

The certificate requires nine credits and is a combination of classes offered at the University of Nevada, Reno as well as at three National Laboratories. Students will pay standard University of Nevada, Reno fees. Additional National Lab fees also apply. A portion of program fees may be used to pay hosting expenses.

For the most current schedule of courses, please visit the RAMPAC website. You can also visit the University's course catalog for a list of required and elective courses. A link to the current course catalog description can be found at the top of this page.

One of the electives courses for the certificate is ME 699 Nuclear Packaging Internships, which allows students to earn credit for qualifying internships.

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Program offered in in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Packaging Certification Program (PCP)


Students must earn a C grade or better in an individual course for it to count toward the graduate certificate. Students must have an average grade of B or better (weighed by the number of credits in each course) in the 9-credit curriculum to earn the graduate certificate.

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