Master of Music, Music Education

Master of Music in Music Education Tracks

Preparing musicians to teach future musicians through three unique tracks

Music Education degrees are unique in that the result of the program not only enhances the student's personal skills as a musician, providing opportunities for further development, but the program also prepares the student for teaching others how to explore their own musical interests and talents. The Department of Music at the University of Nevada, Reno offers the Master of Music, Music Education degrees with three different fields of concentration attached to each in order to accommodate the background, musical preferences and educational goals of students interested in Music Education as a professional career choice.

Goals of the Music Education Program

  • Development of personal musical skills in both solo performance and interactive ensemble performance platforms;
  • Development of single instrument performance skills sufficient for classroom instruction, accompaniment and tutoring;
  • Development of skills for classroom interaction, designing lesson plans and classroom strategies that will compel students to learn;
  • Development of an efficient, marketable depth of knowledge in music theory, music history, musicology, ethnomusicology, classical and contemporary music traditions, music technology and musical engineering trends;
  • Development of conducting skills for directing small and large ensembles;
  • Development of the oral and writing skills needed for classroom instruction and school related administrative duties that often accompany a music teaching career.

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