Mineral Resource Engineering

The Geological Engineering faculty of the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering, along with the Department of Mining Engineering, offer an interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree in Mineral Resource Engineering. Applications for this program may be submitted to either department. A broad range of dissertation research topics is envisioned for students from the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering including soil and rock slope stability, rock mechanics, geologic fracture mechanics, volcano hazards, urban geo-engineering, aerospace remote sensing, pure and applied geomathematics/geostatistics, and planetary geomechanics.

Prospective applicants should have a degree in any branch of the geological sciences, physical sciences or engineering. Degree requirements for this program are listed in the Graduate School section of this catalog; contact either department office or the geological engineering faculty for more details.

The Ph.D. degree requires 73 credits including 1 credit of comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination credit cannot be used to fulfill the 30 credits of required 700-level course work.