Gifted and Talented Education

Gifted and Talented students may seem like a teacher's dream, and they certainly can be. But to help these students make the most of their abilities, teachers need special knowledge and tactics.

That is where Gifted and Talented training comes in. 

What Is Gifted and Talented?

Gifted and Talented refers to students who have exceptional intellectual, artistic or leadership abilities. These students may learn and engage in different ways than their classmates.

To reach their full potential, these students need teachers who understand them. Gifted and Talented-trained teachers are better equipped to meet the unique needs of these students and help them harness their gifts.

Ready to learn more about Gifted and Talented Training?

Explore the University of Nevada, Reno's Gifted and Talented Certificate. This program is designed to help teachers earn a Gifted and Talented endorsement on their State of Nevada Department of Education teaching license.