Gaming Management, Minor

The Gaming Management minor is open to all students at the University. Students have the ability to focus their studies in such areas as management, public policy or the legal/regulatory environment.

Students completing the Minor will gain knowledge that better enables them to apply their chosen field of study in the casino industry. Students interested in public policy or law school will also benefit from the gaming management minor. Students earning the Minor will be able to:

  • Interpret and analyze the data returned from casino games in order to make sound management decisions;
  • Work in organizations which cater to a diverse market of customers and clientele who are attracted to the gaming, leisure and hospitality industries;
  • Develop strategic plans for customer development, capital expansion, and market positioning for casino and leisure organizations;
  • Understand the regulatory regimes and market structures under which gaming organizations are expected to operate in jurisdictions which permit casino-style gaming;
  • Understand and manage social, political and environmental impacts of permitted gaming on local, regional and national jurisdictions.

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