MFA Student and Alumni Publications

Matthew Baker (Class of 2018)


"Looking for Traces of My Dead(beat) Father in the Mirror," "Self-portrait as the Wax of Icarus' Wings," "Against" in Sundog Lit

"The Next Generation" in Sierra Nevada Review

"If Not Absolution"; "Grandmother Dead, Then Alive, Then Dead Again" in antiBODY: An Online Anthology of Poetry & Medicine

"Putty-white Like My Father's My Skin" in Swamp Ape Review

"What the Surgeon General Doesn't Tell You"; "Tattoo as Echo, as Shade" in Yemassee Journal

"Learning How Not to Fall" in Clover, A Literary Rag

"What My Grandmother Didn't Tell Me" in ELKE: A Little Journal

"My birth as ƒ(x)"; "Don't Feel Guilty" and "‘Let's Not Grow Weary" in The Meadow

Raluca Balasa (class of 2018)


"Forty-Flesh Barrier" in Mad Scientist Journal

"Kings and Queens" in Grimdark Magazine

"The Great Divide" in Psychopomp Magazine

"Perfect Assassin" in Aurealis

"The First Kill" in Bewildering Stories

"Son of the Dragon" in Andromeda Spaceways

"For the Heart I Never Had" in Fantasy Scroll Magazine

"Keep Moving" in The Lorelei Signal and Mystic Signals

"The Escapist" in The Danforth Review


"A Genre of Space" in The Spectatorial


"In This One, the Bird Lives" in Dark Company II Anthology

Casey Bell (class of 2019)


"Wax Palm and Bougainvillea" in New Limestone Review

Andy Butter (class of 2021)


"The Five Voices of Lake Superior," and "Running for the Love of the Lake,"

Christina Camarena (Class of 2018)


"Baby in a Jar" in Jabberwock Review

"In Trump's America" in Clover, A Literary Rag

"Placeholders" in Palimpsest: Yale Graduate Literary Arts Magazine

Rachel Chimits (Class of 2018)


"At the End" in Dark Company II Anthology

"Dead Wings" in If This Goes On Anthology

"Yellow-Banded Spider" in Speculative City

Linzy Garcia (Class of 2020)


Finalist, WOW! Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest

Molly Gutman (Class of 2018)


"Queen Kong" in My Name Was Never Frankenstein: And Other Adventure Tales Remixed, from Booth

"Magenta" in Fairy Tale Review

"You and the Clarinetist" in Portland Review

"The Siren Lady's Handbook" in Black Warrior Review

"Little Green Men" in Psychopomp Magazine

"Little Forks and Little Fists" in The New Mexico Review


"Tiny Worlds" in The Normal School

"Oh" in Salt Hill

"To Starkville, With Love" in Rust + Moth

"Self Portrait as Fable" in Mid American Review

"Dear Girl in the Cactus" in Hayden's Ferry Review

"Kudzu" in The Pinch

Literary Agent:

Julia Eagleton, The Gernert Company.

Naseem Jamnia (Class of 2021)


"Inborn Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact" in The Rumpus

"Uninformed and Uncompensated: Between 23andMe and Ancestry, Who Owns Our Genetic Data?" in Bitch Media (online), alongside six other pieces for the Writing Fellowship in Technology

"Love Removal Machine: The Future of Outsourcing Sex" in Bitch Media

Positive Interactions with At-Risk Children: Approaches to Enhance Your Students' Well-Being, Resilience, and Success, co-written with Mojdeh Bayat (Routledge, 2019)

AnnElise Hatjakes (Class of 2018)


"Artifacts Worth Saving" - shortlisted for Green Mountain Review's Neil Shepard Prize in Fiction

"Phasing Out" in Drunk Monkeys

"A Division of Labor" in Juked Online

Isabelle Lang (Class of 2020)


"The Veil at the 7-Eleven," in Pittsburgh Poetry Review

"Ariadne Speaks to the Minotaur" & "House Cleaning," in Rat's Ass Review

"But Parallel Universes," in Beecher's Magazine

Joanne Mallari (Class of 2018)


"At the Jelly Donut" in Crab Orchard Review

"Abecedarian on Forgetting", "Bilingual Naiveté" in Palimpsest

"Ode to Videoke" in The MacGuffin

"All Saints Eve" in Buck Off Magazine

"On Windy Hill" in The Meadow

"Laundry Date," "Language Acquisition" (nominated for a Pushcart Prize), "Join the Chorus," "Block by Block," "Imagine the Windows," "The Bigger Picture" in The Haight Ashbury Literary Journal

Danielle Mayabb (Class of 2020)


"People Are Fragile Things, You Should Know by Now" in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet No. 35

Brian Rowe (Class of 2018)

Literary Agent:

Kortney Price, The Corvisiero Agency


"Thornton Wilder, Uncle Charlie, and Homosexuality" in Thornton Wilder in Collaboration

"The Gay YA Movement" in Southern Pacific Review


"Return to Pride" in Chelsea Station Magazine

"The Witches on Floor Fifteen" in Agnes and True Literary Magazine

"Creature Story" in The Deep Dark Woods Anthology

"Final Shot" in Tincture Journal

"Larry's Last Day" in Fox Cry Review


"Hands" in RoguePoetry

"Sally" in Strong Verse Magazine


"A Window to Dreams" in New Mexico Review

Logan Seidl (Class of 2019)


"Anxiety" in After the Pause

"Mechanical Marriage" in By&By Poetry

"A Day Inside the Warehouse," "Dear Ladyfish," "Remodel," "The First and Last Time I Went to My Mother's Chemo Treatment," "What America is Doing to Baseball, Kids, and Other Stuff" in Constellations

"Divorce Origin," "Engagement" in Crab Creek Review

"To See Beyond It" in Crack the Spine

"Marriage" in Kentucky Review

"Before Divorce," "How Was Work Today" in The Meadow

"Euphoria" in Pine Hills Review

"When I Street Raced on Summer Nights" in Roanoke Review

"Ball-in-Hand" in San Pedro River Review

"Last Night at My In-Laws," "The Night Sadie Met Slash from Row 12 Seat 5" in The Vehicle

"Obituary" in Vinyl

Olivia Soule (Class of 2018)


"It Came," "Road Trip," "Ignore the Stars," and "Accrete" (nominated for the Pushcart Prize) in Haight Ashbury Literary Journal

"My body is sealed shut, like an envelope," in Poetry Explosion Newsletter

"New Stoicism," "Balcony Storms," and "Pink Bougainvillea," in The Storyteller

"Reflections on a Vague Obituary," and "Akin," in Pudding Magazine

"Blind Spot," in Vox Poetica

Michelle Wait (Class of 2020)


This Was Sunday" in The Meadow

"Gas Station Fuck Boy," "No Fetish Here" in Lady/Liberty/Lit

"This is My Story to Tell" in Tiferet