Athletics/Sports Administration Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Athletics/Sports Administration is intended for individuals who aspire to either begin or enhance a career in athletics. The graduate certificate program provides the leadership and management skills needed to develop and operate sports organizations and athletic programs. Students will learn the skills necessary to excel in the world of athletics administration.

The Sport Management Certificate Program offers a unique educational experience focusing on the business, management, and social elements that define the industry and institution of sport. We are focused on understanding changes in the sport business and in preparing our students to use sport to change society. Our work is designed to underscore a commitment to diversity, engagement, innovation, excellence, integrity, and effective leadership.

The Sport Management Certificate Program prepares students for careers in the sports industry within educational institutions. Our curriculum explores the multi-faceted issues facing sports today and in the future. Our students will be actively engaged with our faculty and will develop relationships with professional mentors. This leads to dynamic internships, as well as other outstanding professional development activities.

Upon completion, many of our students will begin or continue careers at sport organizations and educational institutions.

The Sport Management Certificate Program seeks to distinguish ourselves in the following ways:

  1. A strong commitment to diversity;
  2. Quality preparation of post graduate students;
  3. Differentiated and innovative graduate certificate program;
  4. Attracting and retaining leading scholars in sport business;
  5. Financially self-sustaining

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Program Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Athletics/Sports Administration requires a minimum of 18 graduate credits. All students are required to complete 15 credits of Athletics/Sports Administration courses and a 3-credit internship in athletics.


For more information, please contact Janet Usinger at or (775) 682-9083.

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