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Software Engineer | NevadaNano (ELE:UNR)

SOFTWARE ENGINEER | NEVADANANO POSITION DESCRIPTION: NevadaNano is looking for a Software Engineer for user interface development. NevadaNano currently use C++ and the Qt framework as the development platform. Above and beyond UI development, candidates will have the opportunity to expand their skillset by working on embedded firmware development, backend database work, and more. PREFERRED ...

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Technical Laboratory Engineer | Bioelectronica (ELE:UNR)

TECHNICAL LABORATORY ENGINEER | BIOELECTRONICA POSITION DESCRIPTION: Bioelectronica is seeking a part-time or full-time technical laboratory engineer who can help prototype and engineer our software-controlled biochemistry devices. The ideal candidate will be curious to expand outside their current skill set, and have experience in some (but not all) of the following disciplines: software engineering, chemical engineering, ...

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Software Engineer | Bioelectronica (ELE:UNR)

SOFTWARE ENGINEER | BIOELECTRONICA POSITION DESCRIPTION: Bioelectronica is seeking a software engineer who can help with prototyping and engineering biomedical devices. Bioelectronica is a cutting-edge healthcare startup that merges software engineering, medical diagnostics and drug research. Our facilities are located on campus at the University of Nevada, Reno. Working with our seasoned technical team will provide ...

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