Cybersecurity and Network Systems

Network cables

The cybersecurity and network systems research area focuses on optimizing computing networks, enabling secure and efficient use of resources from both a technical and economic standpoint.

Faculty conduct research into wireline networking areas such as network architectures and economics, network measurement and management, peer-to-peer networks, and cloud computing to improve the Internet and other networking experiences.

In wireless networking, faculty research mobile ad-hoc networks, cognitive radio, wireless sensors, Internet-of-Things, and optical wireless to make better use of network infrastructure and accommodate growing demand for high-speed mobile networking.

Faculty also work on questions related to cyber security and forensics to protect the digital world. Recent research also focuses on using mathematical modeling to understand complex networks, including technical networks, such as the Internet, as well as biological and social networks.

Research Projects

Our projects page contains summaries of representative research projects in computer networking.

Research Labs

Computer Networking Laboratory (CNL)

Primary Contact: Mehmet Gunes and Shamik Sengupta
Major Focus: Computer communication networks, optical networks, wireless networks, ad-hoc networks, peer-to-peer networks, multicast, network security, network modeling, network economics, network management and simulation, Internet measurements, complex networks, social and biological networks.
Website: Computer Networking Laboratory Website

IGT Computer Engineering Laboratory

Primary Contact: Dwight Egbert
Major Focus: Analysis, design and development of microprocessor systems and field programmable gate array systems.

Faculty in this area

Dwight Egbert

Dwight Egbert


(775) 784-6952

Mehmet Gunes

Mehmet Hadi Gunes

Associate Professor

(775) 784-4313

Ming Li

Ming Li

Assistant Professor

(775) 682-6861

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Hui Lin

Assistant Professor

(775) 784-6997 | SEM 256B

Shamik Sengupta

Shamik Sengupta

Associate Professor

(775) 784-6953