Outstanding Alumni Award

Beginning in 2015, The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Outstanding Alumni Award is given annually to recognize the exceptional achievement of a student who received a computer science and/or engineering degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Alumni who have demonstrated high professional achievement, service, and support to society and to the department, with a high standard of personal and professional integrity will be considered for this award.

The recipient of the award will be recognized by the students and faculty as well as the CSE Industry Advisory Board. Nominations for this award can be made by students, alumni, faculty and members of the Industry Advisory Board. If you know of the success of one our graduates, please submit a nomination by email to with the name of the nominee and a brief statement describing the achievement(s) of the nominee.

2016 Winner

Elizabeth Xu, M.S., 1995

Manos Maragakis, Elizabeth Xu, Pat Zimmerman and George Bebis

2015 Winner

Brian Lent, B.S., 1993

Brian Lent, Manos Maragakis and George Bebis