5. Personnel Policies and Procedures

5.1. Selection of Faculty

In the event that a vacancy in the Department exists or is anticipated, the Chair shall appoint an ad hoc committee which shall implement recruiting procedures in accordance with all pertinent provisions of the Nevada System of Higher Education Code, University of Nevada, Reno Bylaws, the College of Engineering Bylaws, Departmental policies, Affirmative Action, and Equal Opportunity requirements.

This Committee shall undertake a preliminary screening of all applicants and present to the Department a list of acceptable applicants from which the Department may choose a nominee.

The results of this voting with a recommendation for employment shall be conveyed to the University administration by the Department Chair. The Department may reject the list but then must give the Committee further instructions.

5.2. Selection of Chair

5.2.1. Internal

The nomination and election of a Chair from the voting faculty shall be overseen by an election committee of two chosen by random process from the Departmental faculty. This committee will prepare written nominating ballots listing all the names of the voting faculty so that voting is done by placing a mark next to a name.

With this ballot, each voting faculty member shall nominate one voting faculty member for Chair by written secret ballot delivered to the nominating committee. Any faculty member receiving three or more nominating votes shall be considered a nominee.

If no one individual receives the required three votes, the election committee shall call for a new ballot for nominations. If after three such tries, no individual receives the required three nominating votes, the committee shall declare all individuals receiving two votes in the most recent nominating ballot as nominees.

Ballots with nominees name(s) will be prepared as for the nominating elections by the election committee and an election held. The Chair must be elected by a majority of the voting faculty. If a nominee receives the required majority, the election committee will recommend to the Dean of the College of Engineering that this nominee be appointed Chair of the Department.

If after three tries, no individual receives the required majority, the election committee will ask the Dean of the College of Engineering to select a Chair.

5.2.2. External

The selection of a candidate from outside the Department shall be carried out by a search committee according to guidelines developed by the faculty. This committee shall have no more than two members from outside the Department. The majority of the committee shall be voting faculty from the Department elected by the Department. The search procedures are those required in the selection of new faculty.

5.3 Faculty Responsibility and Evaluation

For each calendar year, a Role Statement for each faculty member shall be agreed upon by the faculty member and the Chair. This document shall address the effort to be spent in the areas of teaching, research, and service for the year and shall be consistent with the mission of the Department. The document shall be signed by the faculty member and by the Chair and a copy shall be filed with the Chair.

If the two parties are unable to reach substantial agreement, the matter will be referred to the Evaluation Committee.

A Role Statement can be in effect for more than one year.

In evaluating each faculty member the appropriate Personnel Committee (Section 3.2.1) will consider the Role Statement, the Personnel Evaluation and Merit Recommendation Form, and whatever other objective evidence may be available regarding the faculty member's performance, such as an interview by the Committee or reports of classroom visitation by Department colleagues and student evaluations. The Committee may ask the staff member to provide information regarding text books, course materials, instructional methods, testing procedures or other items pertinent to quality of course instruction.

5.4 Personnel Recommendations

Recommendations for tenure, promotion and merit are made by the Department Chair after considering the written recommendations from the appropriate personnel committees (Section 3.2.1). In making their recommendations, the Personnel Committees will review all of the supporting documentation prepared by the faculty member in terms of criteria cited below or available in the NSHE Code of Administration.

The Department endorses all personnel criteria established in the College of Engineering Bylaws, the University of Nevada, Reno Bylaws, and the NSHE code