Criminal Justice internships

Internships provide one of the best opportunities for students to experience their chosen career path. Students can apply knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-life practical application. In addition to on-the-job experience, interns network with working professionals in the criminal justice and related justice fields.

Requirements for an internship include the following:

  • A criminal justice major for one year at the University of Nevada, Reno
  • 60 total credits completed
  • 3.0 GPA in the major (transfer GPA cannot eliminate University deficiency)
  • 3.0 GPA overall (transfer GPA cannot eliminate University deficiency)

If you meet all of the previously mentioned requirements, please stop by the Criminal Justice Department in Ansari Business 601C to complete an application.

Nevada Department of Public Safety: Background Investigation Unit (BGIU)

Interested students will receive hands-on experience in law enforcement hiring practices and pre-employment background investigations. Multiple qualified applicants will be accepted for this internship opportunity and all are encouraged to apply.

Students will be required to perform 120 hours of work in order to earn three credits for their internship during a one semester time-frame. This internship is unpaid as students will be earning college credit for their work.

Please note that participation in a Nevada Department of Public Safety internship program is not a guarantee of employment. Interns will work at the Nevada Department of Public Safety Headquarters building located off of Wright Way in Carson City, Nevada sometime between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Interns will assist the Background Investigation Unit (BGIU) in projects involving case creation, handling sensitive documents and data entry. Students are required to submit to a background check and NCJIS certification. Interviews will be conducted for any open positions.

NCJIS certification requires interns to be without felony or gross misdemeanor arrests without disposition or convictions and without wants or warrants.

Internship requirements

  • Must be at least 19 years of age at time of internship
  • Must be pursuing course of study or career related to law enforcement
  • Be in good academic standing with their college or university
  • Have a clean criminal history and pass background investigation
  • Cannot have any person residing with or have immediate family members under supervision of the Division of Parole & Probation or serving in the State of Nevada for a felony or gross misdemeanor
  • Internship opportunities are non-compensated

Interested students are encouraged to contact  Emmanuel Barthe in the Criminal Justice Department.

Ridge House Workforce Development Internship

The Ridge House is a non-profit prisoner re-entry and substance abuse treatment program. Since 1981, the Ridge House has been helping former offenders become restored socially spiritually and emotionally. The organization has a direct impact on recidivism and saves Nevada millions of dollars in incarceration costs each year.

The workforce development department is a key support offered to Ridge House clients. Their team can help the client find work, solve work problems and enroll in training that can further career opportunities. They also offer an 11-week mentoring course that deals with a variety of topics, mostly work related and features guest speakers that speak on a variety of  topics such as personal financial management, civil rights, housing and employment seeking skills.

Internship requirements

  • For three course credits, students must accrue 120 hours total by working eight hours per week
  • Knowledge of the criminal justice field and specific interest in prisoner re-entry
  • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office
  • Good communication skills
  • Appropriate dress Valid driver license
  • Ability to be punctual and timely
  • Ability to comply with client confidentiality
  • A criminal record does not disqualify you for this position

Reno Police Department internships

Students should remember that internships require 120 hours of work (for three credits) over the course of the semester and that they are not allowed to be paid during the internship.

Please note that the internship program at the Reno Police Department does not guarantee employment. The internship program also is not a training program for law enforcement professionals. Finally, most of the interns will work at the main police headquarters building on Second Street in some support, research, or administrative function.

Two internship types are possible at the Reno Police Department:

  • General: In the general internship, students will be assigned to a unit or bureau that requires an intern at the time. The tasks are varied and the intern can be rotated among different units during the course of the internship. (There is one of these internships available every semester).
  • Project based: In this internship, students are placed in a specific unit and work on research projects. This internship involves coding data, data analysis and working on active projects being carried out by the police department. At the current time, there are three project-based internships available per semester.

Deadline to apply for RPD internships:

  • Fall semester: Background form needs to be turned in to the police department by May 1. This allows for the background process to occur during the summer months. Internship start date is the first week of school in September.
  • Spring semester: Background forms need to be turned in to the police department by Oct. 30. Internship start date is the first week of school in January.

After a review of the candidates, students will be notified by email if they have been selected for the internship.

Internship requirements

  • Students who are interested in being an intern with the Reno Police Department should contact Associate Professor  Emmanuel Barthe with a letter of interest and a résumé at least one month before the deadlines.
  • All internships with the Reno Police Department require a background check.
  • Disqualifiers are felony convictions and recent drug use.

Nevada Highway Patrol internships

The intern for the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) will be exposed to three areas within NHP: administrative support, DPS officer duties, and mechanic and radio shop duties.

The intern will have a better understanding of the following:

  • The hiring and training processes to become a Nevada State Trooper
  • The variety of patrol functions of a Nevada State Trooper
  • The basic administrative and support staff duties for the Nevada Highway Patrol and be able to perform those duties

Internship requirements

  • This internship has a limited background check and currently, there is no drug test.
  • Interested applicants should contact Associate Professor  Emmanuel Barthe if interested.

Sage Health Services internships

Sage Health Services is an outpatient mental health organization that strives to improve peoples' lives. It offers a variety of services ranging from individual and group therapy to in-home and community-based behavioral assistance. Many of Sage Health clients are currently involved in the legal system. Specifically, the institution is looking for an intern who can assist with compiling curriculum for employees that will include exercises for how to deal with clients with maladaptive behaviors - physical aggression, sexual inappropriateness, etc. The type of behaviors, that if left unchecked, might lead a client to come into contact with the legal system. The intern also will assist with internet research and social media.

Internship requirements