COVID-19 training

The information below is intended to provide clarification for faculty about required trainings, including trainings required for students and graduate assistants. 

Training for students

All students have been enrolled and are required to complete COVID-19 Student Training in WebCampus. The course has multiple modules, and is similar to the General COVID-19 Training for University Personnel.

An unpublished quiz from this training will be automatically loaded into your course shells, and as an incentive, you can implement a quiz as part of your course, for extra credit or as an assignment, in a manner consistent with your course objectives.

Trainings for employees

All employees, including academic faculty, LOAs, administrative faculty, classified staff, graduate assistants, student workers, etc., are required to complete the trrainings listed below.

Reentry to Campus Certification Form

Prior to physically returning to campus all employees (except employees in Student Health, School of Medicine clinical practitioners and University Health staff) are required to complete the Reentry to Campus Certification Form (COVID) in WebCampus.

This form only needs to be completed one time, not daily. There is a separate Reentry to Campus Certification form for health and clinical practitioners. Please discuss with your supervisor access to this form if it is not currently available in your WebCampus portal.

General COVID-19 Training for University Personnel

Prior to returning to work, all employees are required to complete the General COVID-19 Training for University Personnel. This also includesemployees who are remote working. The training will take 50-60 minutes to complete. This training covers:

  • Overview of the Virus and Safety Precautions
  • Masks and Face Coverings
  • Cleaning and Sanitization
  • Summary and Additional Resources

Training for supervisors

If you supervise employees, including undergraduate or graduate students, you are required to complete the COVID-19 Mandatory Supervisor Training. This also includes employees who are remote working.

Training for research & creative settings

All employees working in research settings, laboratories, and creative spaces are required to complete the COVID-19 Training For Research Laboratories and Creative Activities. The training will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Confirmation of trainings

Employee: Once the reentry form and trainings are completed in WebCampus, you as an employee can confirm completion in Workday. Workday is updated every two-hours. Login to Workday and View your Profile. From there, select the Career tab. From the Career page, select the Training tab. Completed COVID-19, as well as other completed trainings, will be visible from this page, including the date of completion.  

Supervisor: As a supervisor, you can verify the completion of necessary training for those within your supervisor org by running a report in WorkDday. To access the report for your organization, begin typing COVID-19 in the search bar until COVID-19 Training Status Report – HCM – CR (UNR) comes up. Select the report. Follow the instructions provided to access your supervisor organization training records.

If you do not follow the instructions and run the report without any Unit, Cost Center or Supervisor Organization selected, you will get a table for the entire campus, however it will only show the status of your own reports. Every other individual will be blank regardless of the status of their training. You can view the report on-screen or download it be selecting the excel link in the upper right hand corner.