COVID-19 reporting dashboard

Current information is for 2023. Data is updated weekly.

This dashboard is informational only and is not intended to be used as public health guidance.

Data as of Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 2:10 p.m.

Results for 1/28/23-2/3/23

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Cumulative data

Student data

Faculty/Staff data


Cumulative reported COVID-19 cases*

*Includes cumulative on-campus testing data from the Student Health Center and testing data from outside testing sites. Data may be incomplete for most recent dates, but are updated as the Student Health Center and outside testing sites report additional results.

Due to reporting limitations on positive test dates, individual cases in the daily and/or weekly charting may not match the cumulative counts for a given week. More information on contact tracing.

Cumulative reported positive results

Student positive results

24 (↑16)

Faculty/staff positive results

<strong40 (↑4)

Total positive results

28 (↑20)

Cumulative reported student, faculty and staff testing results

Student cases
Active (current)

17 (↑13)

Student cases
Recovered (cumulative)

4,564 (↑11)

Student cases
Total (cumulative)

4,581 (↑24)

Faculty/staff cases
Active (current)

2 (↑2)

Faculty/staff cases
Recovered (cumulative)

864 (↑2)

Faculty/staff cases
Total (cumulative)

866 (↑2)

Student reported positive COVID-19 cases

Faculty and staff reported COVID-19 cases

On-campus testing**

**On-campus testing includes tests of students, faculty and staff conducted at the Student Health Center (SHC), and does not include testing results from outside sources. Data may be incomplete for most recent dates, but are updated as the Student Health Center reports additional results.

Student Health Center total testing and results

University tests conducted

117 (↑46)

Positive cases

16 (↑13)

Positivity rate


Cumulative SHC COVID-19 tests and positive results


On-campus testing: Student testing and results

Student tests conducted

116 (↑45)

Student positive cases

15 (↑12)

Student positivity rate


Student cases
Active (current)

10 (↑10)

Student cases
Recovered (cumulative)

2,809 (↑6)

Student cases
Total (cumulative)

2,819 (↑16)

Weekly student COVID-19 positivity rates

Weekly student SHC testing and positive cases

On-campus testing: Faculty/Staff testing and results

Faculty/staff tests conducted

1 (↑1)

Faculty/staff positive cases

1 (↑1)

Faculty/staff positivity rate


Faculty/staff cases
Active (current)

1 (↑1)

Faculty/staff cases
Recovered (cumulative)

406 (↔0)

Faculty/staff cases
Total (cumulative)

407 (↑1)

Weekly faculty and staff COVID-19 positivity rates

Weekly faculty SHC testing and positive cases


Residence hall isolation and quarantine***

***Includes number of students currently in or who have completed isolation or quarantine at-home or in an on-campus residence hall at the University of Nevada, Reno. Isolation is a term used for someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and who needs to separate themselves from others. Quarantine is a term used for someone exposed to COVID-19 who needs to separate themselves from others.

Residence hall data provided weekly.

COVID-19 positivity data for University of Nevada, Reno residence halls
Reported Cases Since 2/6/2023 Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Summer 2023 Totals
Positive result (On-campus self-isolation) 5 87 0 0 87
Positive result (Off-campus self-isolation) 0 35 0 0 35
Quarantine (On-campus) 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 5 122 0 0 122