Previous sessions

Oct. 11, 2018: Times of Crisis

The first "Thought on Tap" was held on Thursday, Oct. 11. The topic was "The Humanities in Times of Crisis." The discussion was facilitated by Daniel Perez, the director of Core Humanities, and featured the following guests: Bretton Rodriguez (Core Humanities), Carlos Mariscal (Philosophy), and Caitlin Earley (Art). Questions asked: Are the humanities truly more necessary during a time of crisis? What is the role of the humanities during times of conflict and crisis? What is the individual responsibility of humanists? Speakers tackled these and other important questions.

Nov. 8, 2018: Resistance Movements

On Nov. 8, the next Thought on Tap addressed "The Role of the Humanities in Resistance Movements." The discussion was facilitated by Carlos Mariscal, assistant professor of Philosophy, and featured the following guests: Callum Ingram (Political Science), Isabelle Favre (World Languages and Literatures), and Felicia Pérez (community organizer and activist, Reno Solidarity Network). Questions asked: What role have the humanities played in past resistance movements? How can the humanities be used to support current resistance movements?