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Graduation and diploma

  • What does the graduation fee cover?

    The graduation fee covers all costs associated to graduation including the verification of degree requirements, diploma production software, diploma paper, diploma covers, diploma printing and mailing, commencement programs, administrative and ceremony costs (virtual or in person). There is no cost to participate in the commencement ceremony but there is a cost associated with the ceremony production, the awarding of your degree, and the production and mailing of diplomas.

  • Can I get a refund on the $95 graduation fee?

    This is a non-refundable fee that funds the total cost of your graduation. You will not be charged to participate in the December 2020 or May 2021 ceremony if you choose to do so.

  • When will my diploma be mailed to me?

    Diplomas will be mailed beginning mid-to-late-June.

  • What if I have more questions?


  • Can I return my cap and gown?

    The Nevada Wolf Shop is unable to process returns until the store opens. At this time, nothing can be shipped to the store. Unfortunately, opened packages and any “a la carte” items were sold as is and cannot be returned or refunded.

    Bachelor's: The package (cap + gown) need to be sealed, unopened. The stole and tassel need to be returned together for a full refund, plus a receipt if possible.

    Master's: The package (cap + gown) need to be sealed, unopened. In addition, the tassel needs to be returned together for a full refund, plus a receipt if possible. The master’s hood is in an opened bag but must have remained folded as it came from the factory. In this case, the Wolf Shop can accept returns for a Master’s gown sealed package only because the hood had a different SKU. Students can return cap + gown and keep the hood.

  • Can I still order a cap and gown? Or graduation announcements?

    The Nevada Wolf Shop has temporally suspended online orders for graduation. Custom Orders for Classic Rings and Custom Announcements can be placed through our vendors Balfour or Jostens. Students need to go directly to their websites to place an order. Both vendors are authorized to sell products with University of Nevada, Reno seal.

  • How will I get my graduation medals, stoles, cords?

    Medals, stoles and cords are managed and distributed by the individual colleges, departments, clubs or organizations on campus. Many of these organizations are still working through the details and will reach out to you once a plan is in place. Please contact each organization if you have not heard anything by the end of April.