Workflow and Assignments

The CMS is set up so that most users will be using a "workflow" to create, edit, assign, pages. Workflows have various "steps" that will perform a variety of actions.

Workflow Tools

There are two main tools that you will use on a regular basis. These are in the top menu plus they also can be accessed by right clicking on files in the site tree.

  • Assign To: This allows you to give a page currently assigned to you to someone else in your current work group or an administrator.
  • Advance in Workflow: This is by far the one that you will use the most often. Advance in Workflow will have many different options depending on what workflow has been assigned to a page, what state the page currently is and more.

Workflow Steps

What workflow steps you have available to you at any time is dependent on a lot of different factors, including what step the page currently is in, what workflows have been created for your area, and a lot of other factors. This means its not possible to describe every workflow that you may encounter, but we can describe the most common ones.

  • Create Page: This state is triggered when you say "New Page" from any of the locations within the CMS (Top Menu, Right Click Menu, Dashboard).
  • Send for Review: If you have a review step, this will send the page along to the next person in the "chain" that must review the page, who will then publish the page or send it back for more edits.
  • Send for Publish: This workflow step Checks In the page and marks the page for publishing. Every 60 minutes the site is published, so it could take up to an hour before your page appears on the site. Read more about publishing on the CMS Terminology page.
  • Revisit Content: This allows you to perform edits on this page again. Note that the page still remains on the live website, and you are working on a copy until you send for publish again.
  • Remove From Live Site: This removes the page from the live site but leaves the page in the CMS. You can contact an administrator to have them delete the page for you if necessary.