Creating an Org Chart

To create an org chart for your page:

  1. Create a content block for your org chart.
  2. In your content block, open the "Component Style" dropdown and in the "Style Class" field, enter "orgchart-tree".
  3. In your content block, begin editing the "Body Copy" text field:
    1. Click the "unordered list" (bullet-point list).
    2. Enter your first org chart entry in all capitals. When entering names, please remember to use the following format: "FirstName LastName - Job Position or Title".
    3. Continue entering the rest of your names. You can indent the bullet point at any time to produce a nested item.
    4. Note: Once you are finished inputting your information, please bold every bullet point individually. This is required to ensure your org chart is styled properly.
  4. Verify that you have created your org chart successfully by previewing its parent page.

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Demo Org Chart:

    • Janet Sanderson - Executive Assistant to the President
    • Kevin Carman - Executive Vice President & Provost
    • Patricia Richard - Chief of Staff & Assistant Vice President, Constituent Relations, Chief Diversity Officer
    • Heidi Gansert - Special Assistant to the President, External Affairs
    • Mary Dugan - General Counsel
    • Tom Schwenk - Vice President, Division of Health Sciences & Dean of Medical School
      • Shadi Martin - Director, School of Social Work
      • Tom Watterson - Chair, Speech Pathology and Audiology
    • Shannon Ellis - Vice President, Student Services
      • Melisa Choroszy - Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services
      • Jerry Marczynski - Associate Vice President, Student Life Services
    • John Carothers - Vice President Development & Alumni Relations
      • Vacant - Associate Vice President, Regional Programs
      • Laurie McLanahan - Associate Vice President, Finance & Operations
      • Lynda Buhlig - Associate Vice President, Development & Alumni Relations
    • Vic Redding - Vice President, Administration & Finance
      • Shawn Norman - Associate Vice President, Planning, Budget & Analysis
      • Sean McGoldrick - Associate Vice President, Facilities Services
      • Sheri Mendez - Assistant Vice President, Business & Finance
      • Tim McFarling - Assistant Vice President, Human Resources & Business Center North
      • Adam Garcia - Director, University Police Services
      • Troy Miller - Director, Real Estate
    • Thomas White - Executive Director, Marketing & Communications
      • Kerri Garcia - Director of Communications
    • Mridul Gautam - Vice President, Research and Innovation
      • Ana de Bettencourt-Dias - Associate Vice President for Research
      • Charlene Hart - Assistant Vice President, Research and Administration
      • Ellen Purpus - Assistant Vice President, Enterprise and Innovation
    • Patricia Richard - Chief of Staff & Assistant Vice President, Constituent Relations
    • Doug Knuth - Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
    • Ryan Mitchell - Senior Associate AD/Intercollegiate Services, Special Assistant to the President