Search Engine Details (SEO)

Search Engine DetailsThe Search Engine Details elements appear on many different parts of the site and are all for dealing with how this page ranks with external search engines, such as Google.

Keep in mind that everything in this section is optional and that we have taken great strides to make sure our pages rank well with search engines without adding any information to these fields. Also note that many sections of the site (such as news) deal with these SEO elements in different ways, so they do not have this section.

Browser Title

Search engines put a high priority on the title in the browser window. Most times you will leave this blank and let the page title be the browser title. Placing content in this field will replace that title with this information.


This is a short description of the page that you are on and if present, will become the META Description field. Most search engines will at least look at this content, but may not put any weight on the search rankings based on the words here.


These are key words about the page and if present, will become the META Keywords field. Most search engines ignore this field, so its perfectly fine to leave this blank. This is useful for adding words to that don't appear in the content of the page. For example, if you have a page about gemstones, you could add the word "mineralogy" to the keywords. However, try and keep the number of words added to this section to the minimum (5-10 keywords is usually about the most you would want to put in).

What you should never do, however, is put unrelated words or put the same word over and over (an unethical practice known as "keyword stuffing"). Those will more likely hurt your search engine rankings, not help.


This field has to do with google XML site maps, which is a feature we are not currently using, so don't mess with this field.

No Follow/No Index/No ODP

These three checkboxes tell search engines if they should ignore this page when adding it to their search results (META Robots). It's hit or miss if a search engine will respect these tags. Rarely would you want to do this anyway.

  • No Follow: The search engine will not follow any links it finds on this page.
  • No Index: The search engine will not add this page to its search results.
  • No ODP: blocks the Open Directory Project description of the page from being used in the description that appears below the page in the search results.