Links and URLs

The URL, or Link, for a page is created as part of the page name. When creating any type of page, folder or component, the first item you always fill in is the name (this is different than the Title).

When creating the link to the page, the system will take the name field and strip out punctuation (at least it will attempt to... see punctuation below), make all characters lower case, and replace the spaces with the hyphen character. So in the example at right, the link to the What We Do page would become "what-we-do". UNR Site Tree

Additionally though, to figure out the entire link to a page, you would look back up the tree towards the "Home" page (which is and do the same for all pages (not folders) to create the link. So in the case of the What We Do page, the entire link would be:

Notice that the folder "President" is ignored when creating the link. Folders are only used for internal organization and not ever part of links.


As a general rule, don't use punctuation in the file names. Almost all punctuation will be removed or replaced with the hyphen character as with the space. There are a few "special characters" that don't seem to correctly be removed by the system (its been reported as a bug) such as if you paste a "smart quote" into the name field from MS Word. These will get flagged as errors and a system admin will be in contact with you.

So as a general rule, just leave the punctuation out to be safe.


Keep as short as possible. For example, in the example above, the page "Policies, Standards and Downloads" will become:

In this example, a much better choice would be to simply title the page "Policies" and have the page title have the full length.

Watch for Duplicates

It's possible to create two files with the exact same name in the same spot. In the example on the right, there are four pages with the exact same link of "/my-page/my-sub-page". The first two are obvious sitting right next to each other, but the next two will also create the same link as well, even though they are located within folders (remembering that folders are not part of the link).

Link Errors

Which page will get delivered to the end user in this situation, you won't know. It will be one of those four pages but you have no control over which one it will be (it has to do with what order the pages were created in as to which one will get viewed).

Another consideration is that if I had spelled one of those pages "my-SUB-pAgE", it would still be a duplicate link as punctuation and spaces are removed, and links are all lower case.

Watch for Trailing Spaces

When copying and pasting into the name field, make sure that there are no 'trailing' spaces after the page name. For example, if your page was named "My Page " the link would become "/my-page-". If you see a URL with a trailing "-", there is an extra space that needs to be removed.