Stuck? A few common issues are discussed here. If you have a question that is not answered here, contact a system administrator.

The page looks right in page view but items are missing when it is published to the site.

Pages in the CMS are often a combination of pages and components. When you mark a page to be published, you also need to make sure that all components and other pages that are included on this page are also marked to be published and checked in.

I made a change to the CMS but its not showing up on the site.

Once you have made your edits to a page there are several steps you must follow to make sure that the page will be updated on the site.

  1. Check in the page. The page updates will not take affect until after the page is checked in.
  2. Make sure no one else has checked out the page.
    1. If there is a workflow assigned to this page, make sure that the next person in the workflow has completed their task.
    2. Make sure the page is marked to be published.
  3. Wait until after the time the scheduled publishes are. There is a delay after the scheduled publish time and when it will appear on the site as it takes some time for all the files to be copied over.

A page I created is showing on the site and it’s empty

A page empty of content can happen when you mark a page for publish but never check it in. It’s important to remember not to mark any pages for publishing until you are ready for the page to be viewable to the general public.

I created a page with one schema type and need to change it to another

This happens often where you create a page and either forget to select the page type, or you select the wrong one. Unfortunately, once you’ve created a page, you can’t change it to become another type. Simply delete the wrong page and create it again.