Known Issues

There are several known issues when working with the CMS. We are working with the Ingeniux corporation for resolution.

Documents or Images won’t upload

Sometimes you will get a message such as this when uploading an image or document:

Upload error: Error handling Ingeniux Dynamic Upload: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: name

Most time in our experience, the document actually has uploaded when you see this, so you should be able to click the refresh button at the top of the asset manager popup window (where you currently are) and the item will appear in the list.

Check in of lots of pages freezes system

We’ve noticed that there are some serious performance issues when attempting to check in very large quantities of pages at the same time (500+ pages). When we attempted to check in approximately 1500 pages once during development, we pretty well locked everyone out of the CMS for several hours. If you need to check in a lot of pages (more than 500), it is much better to check in 100 pages 5 times than 500 pages all at once.