After you have created all the stories that you would like to include, there are a couple of steps to creating a newsletter. The first step is to create (usually two) Content Block components for the top two featured stories. To create a newsletter content block Go to Internal Components -> Content Blocks -> Newsletter -> FOLDER and create a COMPONENT of type “Content Block”. I recommend starting the name with the date of the newsletter (i.e. “021511 Story”). We only utilize a couple parts of the content block for this purpose. The items you need to fill in are:

  • Title
  • Body Copy
  • Link (to the story that this relates)
  • Image, which should be a 275x175 image

Now that you’ve created the content block, go to the Nevada Today -> Newsletters -> YEAR FOLDER and create a new page of type “Nevada News Newsletter”. Use the date as the name of the file (i.e. 021511).

In the image at right, the major sections are numbered for reference. Sections 1-2 and 7-9 are not editable (except for the date). The rest of the sections break down like this:

3: Main Image

  • Main Image: A 600x290 image for the top of the page.
  • Main Image Link: An optional link for the main image.

4: Top Features

  • Top Features: Include the two components we created above.

5: News Links (Left) and Wildcard (Right)

  • News links Title (Optional): This title will replace “NEWS AND ANNOUNCMENTS” on the top left of the middle section
  • News Links: Create links to all the stories you wish to include
  • Secondary News Title: This creates a title that will appear in the right column. If you leave it blank, no title will appear. Typical titles can be “Employee Announcements”, “Message from the President” etc.
  • Secondary News Links: Create links to anything you wish to appear in the right column.
  • Secondary News Image: This image should be 275 pixels wide and will appear below the news links if present.

6: Events

  • Events Main: The left column, you can put any HTML in here.
  • Events Image: A 275x175 image that appears in the right column
  • Events Link: Turns the image into a link
  • Events Alternate: Appears below the event image in the right column. Any HTML you want to put in.
Newsletter Sample