Homepage Main Feature/Nevada Today Secondary Feature

This may be obsolete, because of the new NevadaToday redesign:

There are four stories in rotation on the homepage the first two of which also appear on the Nevada Today page under the featured story. On the news editor, you need to go to the Homepage Features section and add a 960x435 homepage image. In this same section, you can give it a homepage title and subtitle. If you do not put them in here, it will take the Title and Subtitle from the main section.

Next you need to go to the Internal Components -> Admin -> Homepage Features. Here you will create internal links to the news stories. The stories will appear in order that they appear on the editor. For each story you add, you will need to remove one as well to keep the number of links to stories at 4.


  1. Edit Tab: Homepage Features -> Homepage Image -> Upload a 960x435 Image
  2. Edit Tab: Homepage Features -> Optionally add homepage title and subtitle
  3. Internal Components -> Admin -> Homepage Features: Create internal link to the story
  4. Internal Components -> Admin -> Homepage Features: Remove old story to keep number to 4