News Detail

Follow these steps to create a news item for the Nevada Today site. Also be sure and check out the "News Image Size Cheat Sheet" for a quick reference for sizes for any news detail images.

  1. Create the Page: Within the CMS, navigate to Nevada Today -> News -> Current Year -> Current Month (Folder) and create a new page of type Nevada News Detail. The name that you select should be reflective of the story title but doesn’t have to be the same. The Name will become part of the link to the story.
  2. Add the Required Information: There are four pieces of data that is required and those are the Title, Article Date, Body Copy and Abstract (the short version of the story; For best results, keep to 20 words or less).
  3. Add the Optional Information: Other important pieces of information include the author and sub title. Additional information includes:
    1. Is Press Release (modifies the look on a couple of key areas)
    2. Author Bio (Appears at the bottom of the story - used for features mostly)
    3. Contact (Adds contact info to right column)
    4. Related Links (Add links to the right column)
    5. Call to Action (Add call to action to right column)
    6. Event (Link story to an event)
  4. Add the Main Image: If you have a single image that you wish to use, use the Main Image section to add a picture that will be to the right of the body copy (if you have more, then add them to the Body Copy section).The Main Image feature uses the Image Element for editing and uploading pictures. Upload your pictures using the image element and asset manager to the Images/news/YEAR/MONTH folder for this story.
    1. Any size image up to 700px wide will work here. For best results use a photo about 250 to 400px wide.
    2. There is also an optional cut line row, which will appear under the picture.
  5. Categorize the story: After you have created the page you can then specify that the story will appear in other locations by selecting the correct Categorize (Taxonomy) for the story. From the Categorize tab, you will see several different categorization types. The four that we will be looking at for news stories are Audience, Organization and Type:
    1. Audience: Select from faculty, students, community etc.
    2. Organization: follows the general organizational structure of the university. So you have departments, academic units and other units. Be as specific as possible. For example, on a biology related story, don’t select the college of Science, but select the Biology program instead (and it will appear on the College of Science area because the CoS is a parent of Biology).
    3. Placement: The main one that you will select from this section is “Featured” (See below)
    4. Topics: There are several topic areas such as budget, research and others that appear under “Special Topics” on Nevada Today.

At this point, the basics of the story will be created and upon next publish, it will appear on the Nevada Today homepage in the recent news list, the news archive page, and any pages that you specified when you selected Categorize the story above.